Integrated proceedings – Preliminary Dialogue meetings with potential partners


On April 17th 2013, PGE EJ 1 launched a series of meetings with potential partners. All meetings take place within the framework of Preliminary Dialogue and constitute the subsequent stage of preparations to launch Integrated Proceedings, in compliance with the concept adopted by PGE EJ1’s Management Board in August 2012.

PGE EJ 1 sp. z o.o. concludes the contract with WorleyParsons



On 07 Feb. 2013 PGE EJ 1 sp. z o.o. concluded the contract with the Consortium composed of WorleyParsons Nuclear Services JSC, WorleyParsons International Inc. and WorleyParsons Group Inc. The contract signed pertains to the performance of site characterization works and licensing support required in order to complete the first Polish NPP build project led by PGE EJ1. The first Polish NPP is to generate approx. 3000 MWe.

A major step in the nuclear project: PGE EJ 1 sp. z o.o. has selected the Site Characterization Contractor


PGE EJ 1 sp. z o.o. has awarded, in a public tender negotiations procedure with announcement, the site characterization and licensing/permitting services contract for the PGE EJ1 Sp.z o.o.’s first Polish nuclear power plant development program with an installed capacity of approximately 3000 MWe.

Information on closure of the series of information meetings held under the integrated procedure


We would like to inform you that the series of information meetings held under the new integrated procedure was closed on 17th October 2012.

Information meetings with representatives of technology vendors and potential strategic partners


A series of information meetings started on Sept. 18th between the Management Board of PGE EJ1 and representatives of technology vendors and potential strategic partners.

Changes in the Management Boards of PGE Energia Jądrowa S.A. and PGE EJ 1 Sp. z o.o.


In July this year two new members joined the Management Boards of the nuclear companies.

"Here is the atom" (pl. Poznaj atom) – public information campaign by the Polish Ministry of Economy


On March 29th, 2012 the Ministry of Economy launched a nation-wide public information and education campaign on the nuclear power. The campaign is a two-years long project. One of the main goals to be achieved is to have the Poles intrigued and to encourage them to seek further information on the topic of nuclear energy.