Słajszewo in the commune of Choczewo will still have access to the beach during the upcoming tourist season


Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe inform that regardless of the ongoing geological works, related to the nuclear power plant design, they have taken into account the voices of the residents of the Pomeranian region and decided to keep the forest road to the beach in Słajszewo accessible to tourists and residents during the upcoming tourist season.

The Słajszewo forest road is and will remain accessible to tourists and residents until the end of September 2024. The Company, in line with the expectations of local residents, decided that field works as part of the ongoing investment project involving the construction of a nuclear power plant would be organized in such a way as to allow residents and tourists easy access to the sea. This was already communicated to the representatives of the residents of the Choczewo commune in March this year, during a meeting of the working group under the ongoing project. The Company also informed that due to the nature of the ongoing geological works, there might be short-term restrictions on the available road, but it would notify residents with sufficient notice of any such event.

In addition, to ensure safety and convenience for the users, the road has been widened to about 8-10 meters and a fence has been installed on the sides, on which banners have been placed with information on the nuclear power and the investment project as well as on tourist attractions available in the commune of Choczewo.

While geological surveys are underway, the remaining forest roads leading to both the Słajszewo beach and other surrounding beaches will remain open and accessible to residents and tourists.

In parallel, the Company is working closely with the representatives of the Choczewo commune and has financed the development of design documentation for a new alternative road to the beach in Słajszewo, which will provide access for tourists and residents during the period when the actual construction process associated with the nuclear power plant begins.