Information on the status of field work in connection with the project to build the first nuclear power plant in Poland


In Lubiatowo-Kopalino, site preparation for in-depth geological surveys is underway – related field work is entering the next stage.

  • At the site where Poland's first nuclear power plant is to be built, more detailed surveys are being carried out for the presence of possible unexploded ordnances, such as those from World War II. The next stage is site grubbing.
  • Field work, including site cleanup, is underway in the area where the nuclear power plant is to be built. The work is being carried out at a site managed by the Choczewo Forest District, whose representatives PEJ is in constant contact with.
  • Before the commencement of in-depth geological surveys, the site will have to be surveyed to a depth of 6 meters for the presence of possible unexploded ordnances. The surveys are carried out under archaeological and environmental supervision. In addition, grubbing will soon begin in the area designated for in-depth geological surveys.
  • PEJ's partner, an experienced U.S. company, Bechtel, is responsible for the field surveys, which will begin in spring 2024. The geological knowledge gained at this stage will also be used to develop specific design solutions in connection with the ongoing performance of the Engineering Services Contract between PEJ and the consortium of Westinghouse and Bechtel.
  • Construction of the first nuclear power plant is a strategic project for Poland. Among other things, it aims to strengthen energy security through a stable supply of clean and environmentally friendly electricity for Polish businesses and households. The construction of a nuclear power plant will also be beneficial for the site commune, which – in addition to an enormous financial injection into the budget from taxes – could count on a number of benefits, including those related to the development of associated infrastructure (such as roads and rail links) and the creation of new jobs.