Geological surveys to be commenced in Pomerania in May as part of the design process for the first nuclear power plant


Under the Engineering Services Contract (ESC) signed by Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe with the consortium of Westinghouse and Bechtel, Bechtel Polska company is starting an in-depth geological survey at the site of Poland’s first nuclear power plant in Choczewo commune in Pomerania. The area designated for the survey has been properly prepared, and the so-called mobilization, that is setting up of lab facilities, will last until the end of April. The surveys will start in May.

The commencement of geological surveys by Bechtel is one of the major milestones of the ESC signed in September 2023.

- Poland needs further transformation of the electricity generation mix, and nuclear power is an important part of decarbonization of our economy. That’s why we are developing the nuclear power plant project in Pomerania, which is now entering its next phase and will have a beneficial impact on both the region of Pomerania and the entire country – says Maciej Bando, Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure.

The aim of the in-depth geological survey that Bechtel will carry out at the “Lubiatowo-Kopalino” site in Choczewo commune is to detail the survey of geological-engineering and hydrogeological conditions of the area performed so far. The works will cover an area of approx. 30 ha. They will involve the installation of ca. 220 survey points with depths ranging from 20 to 210 m.

The construction project of the first nuclear power plant in Poland is gaining momentum. So far, the works performed by the US side have been limited mainly to preparatory and analytical issues carried out at the company's headquarters. Now, Bechtel is starting geological works in the field at the “Lubiatowo-Kopalino” site. This means that there is a very important and challenging time ahead of us connected with the design and construction of the first nuclear power plant in our country – says Leszek Juchniewicz, board member, acting president of the management board of Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe.

The results of the survey that will be carried out from May until the end of the year will be used to design the facility (in particular, the main civil structures, i.e., the three nuclear power units, the forebay and cooling water channels as well as cooling water discharge channel) and to develop the Site Evaluation Report which is a basis for obtaining the construction license issued by the National Atomic Energy Agency (the PAA). The contractor of the geological works will be P.S.D. company based in Słupsk, contracted by Bechtel at the end of March.

- We are glad that we are entering the next phase of preparations for the construction of Poland’s first nuclear power plant – said John Howanitz, the president of Bechtel’s Nuclear, Security & Environmental global business unit. – This is a strategic investment project for the country and must be carried out to the highest standards. We fully support Poland's aspirations for decarbonization and energy independence, and hope that by establishing cooperation with local suppliers, we will contribute to achieving these objectives.

- The commencement of preliminary field works for the construction of a nuclear power plant is an important moment for the Polish economy and the companies that will be involved in the supply chain, as well as for the local community – said Leszek Hołda, CEO of Bechtel Poland. It is encouraging that the project is widely supported by its stakeholders, and that policy-makers, business and academic institutions speak with one voice about this key investment project.

The nuclear power plant, which will be built at the “Lubiatowo-Kopalino” site, is an important element of Poland’s energy transition. Its construction and later operation will create an entirely new economic sector in Poland, which will employ thousands of people.