The implementation of the Polish Nuclear Power Program involves the necessity to carry out continuing education and information activities, to gain and maintain social support for the NPP construction. That is why, in 2011 Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe sp. z o.o. launched a nationwide campaign entitled “Świadomie o Atomie” (“Knowingly about Atom”). It encourages Poles to seek information on nuclear power while providing information for them to build their own opinions on the subject. Actions undertaken by PEJ focus on explaining issues which raise concerns and doubts in the community, dispelling myths about nuclear power and providing current information about the stages of the investment project underway.

Currently, the most important project pursued by Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the Support Program for Social Initiatives (PWIS), which was launched in spring 2022, replacing the Support Program for the Development of Site Communes, carried out for 7 years.

The goal of PWIS is to support the areas affected by the Program to Build Polish Nuclear Power Plants and to build and strengthen partner relations with the Company’s stakeholders in the region where the projects are run. PWIS is implemented by supporting initiatives that are important to the local community. It is addressed especially to local government units from the region, including at the level of villages, communes, poviats, as well as organizations or establishments such as local foundations, associations, volunteer fire departments, or farmers’ wives’ associations. 

The initiatives supported under PWIS include investment projects, activities aimed at developing educational establishments and programs, especially with respect to popularizing topics associated with nuclear energy, as well as charity and sponsoring activities.

Regular public opinion polls conducted among residents of the site communes show that 80% of respondents consider the program important.