The implementation of the Polish Nuclear Power Program involves the necessity to carry out continuing education and information activities, to gain and maintain social support for the NPP construction. That is why, in 2011 Polskie Elektrownie Jądrowe sp. z o.o. launched a nationwide campaign entitled “Świadomie o Atomie” (“Knowingly about Atom”). It encourages Poles to seek information on nuclear power while providing information for them to build their own opinions on the subject. Actions undertaken by PEJ focus on explaining issues which raise concerns and doubts in the community, dispelling myths about nuclear power and providing current information about the stages of the investment project underway.

The actions carried out under the “Świadomie o Atomie” program are addressed primarily to residents of potential NPP sites, that is, the Choczewo, Krokowa and Gniewino communes in the Pomerania province. It is with them in mind, as well as with tourists who visit the site communes, that in 2013 the Company launched three multimedia Local Information Centres offering all the necessary information about nuclear power. In the summer, the Local Information Centres are sometimes transformed into Holiday Information Centres moved to locations most frequently visited by tourists. Detailed information about education and information activities organised by the Company can be found on the portal which constitutes a dedicated knowledge base about nuclear power.

At present, the most important Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project carried out by PEJ is the Support Program for the Development of Site Communes (SPDSC), launched in 2015. Its purpose is to strengthen the partnership between the Company and the local community and authorities of the site communes by providing financial support to initiatives relevant for the residents and for regional development. They include education and information projects that promote knowledge about nuclear power, activities related to the local labour market and vocational education, commune investment projects as well as charity and sponsoring initiatives. Beneficiaries of the SPDSC are local governments, residents and organisations from the site commune areas, as well as the Puck and Wejherowo counties.

Effectiveness of the activities undertaken by PEJ is measured during periodical opinion surveys conducted among residents of site communes. Results of the latest survey of October 2021 confirm that support of the residents of site communes for the construction of the first NPP in their vicinity is still strong and constitutes 63%.